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* I'm a 56 year old beef cattle farmer who was struggling with the stress and workload of feeding over 1000 cattle during the current drought. Since taking Be Spunki Reboot I have noticed my energy levels and outlook have improved dramatically. I feel fitter, stronger and happier and will definitely continue to use this product. - Craig S.

* I am a 55 year old male. I am in good health and in good shape. That was not always the case, but in the last 2 years I shed 15 kg and I know work out 4 times a week. Since 3 months I am using Reboot. The first month I did not notice much, but after that, I started to feel more energised and those final 3kg I wanted to lose finally came off. I have a very busy job, but I am less tired and I radiate more energy and enthusiasm. I have had a nasty shoulder operation as well, but with the Recover supplement, I feel I am healing faster than predicted. On top of that, my partner is seeing the change and that makes for a better relationship! - Joost.
* I definitely felt a lot more focused and energetic when I was taking Reboot and noticed a decline when I switched back to my usual testosterone booster after finishing the box! I'm re-ordering more. - Craig

* As a man that spars, drills, sweats, bleeds and grinds most days. Also while doing school runs and spending quality time with my Family every element I put into my system has a reason and function. Reboot has had such a positive impact in my energy levels, helped with my joint pains and other injuries. I have also noticed fat loss and considering I haven't been able to workout at my usual level due to said injuries I have maintained muscle mass as well as my stamina during sparring. I feel great and my circulation has improved. I am able now to steadily get back into a regime without being prohibited by excessively burning myself out. Reboot is a saving grace, herbal and natural I would highly recommend it to anyone who is serious about their health and want to get more out of their day. I'm proud to be a part of the early beneficiaries that Reboot gives you. Thanks to Be Spunki my days are greater! - David "Hydra" Kyriacou

* I started taking Reboot / Be Spunki a couple of weeks ago. I must admit that I was in doubt at first and for the initial days, I did not feel much of a difference. At around day 8, my body was telling something, a feeling that I had forgotten about, I had this stamina that I forgot I had! The strength I once had in my teens / twenties has now come back! I am not too old (I think?) – I’m 33 years young. J I literally feel like I’m in my early twenties now, maybe even my late teens. All I can say is that it DOES work and probably best partnered with some exercise and a healthy diet. I have gotten back into my ‘HIIT’ workout and have added some cardio exercises on a daily basis - hopefully I can keep this up. So, THANK YOU and Sam for introducing your product to me and extended thanks from my wife! *wink* - Sedrick

* I've been using the
Be Spunki Reboot product for a few months now and I have to say this product works! and it works well! Being a mid 40's man who still thinks he's got it sexually and still likes a beer and living the mid 40s lifestyle with work and kids. I have to say the Be Spunki Reboot product is something that actually works. Over the years i have tried many herbal products while studying herbs and nutrition and this combination has proven itself to be something that has tangible effects, both at a physical energy level and at a sexual level. While my general energy, mood and feeling is elevated, at the sexual level I find my desire for sex elevated, my performance increased with increased endurance, hardness, sensitivity and the ability to recover quickly and perform again soon after and I find I don't suffer post orgasm fatigue, which is great when you are mid 40's! This is a product that will benefit all ages. If you want to last longer or just maintain a solid erection and desire this is the product to try. I guarantee this product works and your partner wil love the results. - Ken

* My wonderful gentleman has been taking Be Spunki for approximately two months now. Let me start by saying, that I have never been more sexually fulfilled!😉 Whilst this is amazing, the most satisfying result for me has been seeing the man that I adore gain trust and confidence in his body and its ability to align with his desires. Not only has he been surprised by his body’s natural capacities, but his new found confidence has opened up a space for us a couple to openly explore deeper levels of intimacy, pleasure and ways in which to profoundly connect to one another. How refreshing it is to see a supplement made with such passion, integrity and intelligence! Thank you, and congratulations for contributing such an incredible product to the world Be Spunki!! - Amanda
* I’m 49 years old and was given a box of Be Spunki for Christmas and always happy to try something new. I was curious to see if it would help with my mental awareness and concentration as physical stamina and sexual drive has never been an issue. My 34 year old wife upon hearing it helps with sexual drive and performance virtually rammed the first pills down my throat telling me “honey you (we) absolutely need this”. I felt like one of our kids in the morning before school being reminded to brushed their teeth ... “Have your taken your Be Spunki pills yet, don’t make me come in there to check. In the months taking it I absolutely noticed a difference in my calmness, concentration and general lack of stress from work. I practice a lot of yoga, train at the gym and surf and feel my recovery time is quicker on it than not. I know this because I have run out and feel more fatigued after heavy physical activity, and my recovery time is slower without it. Another positive side effect is dealing with jet lag - you bounce back faster on Be Spunki than without. And as far as increased sexual drive, energy and stamina goes ... I’ll take all the help there I can get. - Rob
* I just love using the BeSpunki Reboot product. I have been taking it for 3 months and have noticed feeling calmer and happier, I have also found that I have had more staying power in the bedroom, which has equated to recovering quicker and more sex. I liken it the sex drive I had when I was 17, some 33 years ago! How does it get any better than that? - John
* You can tell Reboot - Be Spunki has been made with quality, attention to detail and love. From the packaging of the box through to the quality and authenticity of the ingredients. There’s a months supply in one box and within a few days of taking the suggested amount I began to feel lighter, brighter and lifted with more energy. It can seem like an indulgence at first when considering to buy this for yourself but Be Spunki packs a really useful punch that’s palpable. - Glenn
* My partner noticed a difference pretty soon after taking Reboot and I have to admit I am loving it too. I am glowing!! - Rebeka
* I purchased Be spunki for my 48 year old husband as I know he’s always open to try natural things that might help him be better. Not that there’s anything wrong with him. But more so that he loves to constantly challenge himself and ensure that as the years tick by he continues to be healthy and strong. He’s super healthy - trains at the gym 5 times a week, eats healthy food, doesn’t smoke, doesn’t drink excessively, but has the usual stress of most men from work. It’s been really interesting to see the changes in him since he’s been taking Be spunki. I’m not one to “kiss and tell” so I won’t go in to the full details about our intimacy. I’ll keep it G-rated ... it’s awesome!! But the thing I’ve noticed the most about his change, is that his general state of wellbeing is much better. He is more positive and upbeat, and confident, and his focus is more on-point, and for me, this means the world to me. There aren’t many better things in life than watching my hubby enjoy life to the fullest. Thank you Be spunki. We’re both loving the Reboot experience!! You have happy customers for life :) - Harriet
* Reboot is amazing. I have been taking it for a week now and the effects are awesome. I feel like I am 21 again (I am actually in my early 40's). Just so much more vitality and energy, which translates into a better day!! I feel Bionic! - Chris
* My husband (and me too) have bought many "supplements" to support aging and wellbeing, especially in the male health market. Having read why Be Spunki was created, we felt a similar call, because nothing we have purchased before has really worked, and in the end, its results and well being that we desire. I am in my early 50's, him too, so to try Reboot was a real test for us - does it do what it says it does, or is it another fake product? Well what a relief - it bloody works. Even better then we could have hoped for. He is very zippy around the house, especially certain rooms, now looks forward to exercise, and his general positive attitude is something we haven't seem for a while. is it Reboot that is responsible for this change? He isn't a placebo type of guy - with him you soon know if its rubbish, and he has been very vocal before about how this or that product doesn't do what it says it does! So we are very happy with Reboot, and for me its just a joy to see my man being a true man again. Viva Reboot, and good job Be Spunki.
- Tracy
* As a health practitioner, I’ve seen the effect that declining testosterone has on many of my male patients. When I heard about Reboot I decided to give it a go - I like to research and experience products and therapies so I can recommend the ones that deliver to my patients. I really wasn’t expecting any changes myself, being in my thirties, still feeling full of energy, and not experiencing any issues. Or at least that’s what I thought.... Declining testosterone is such an subtle and insidious thing, that you don’t know what you’ve lost, until it’s restored. I noticed a difference in the first week!! To realise I was only running on 6 cylinders, when I’m now running on 8. To wake up in the morning feeling like a 16 year old (and my bedsheets looking like a tent!). Noticing a massive increase in the amount of mental clarity. The specific combination of herbs in Reboot is amazing, and I am recommending to friends and patients alike. Do yourself a favour and give it a go - you’ll feel the difference in the first few days.
- Garth
* Within the first 3 days I felt the impact of reboot in my gym sessions. More focus. More strength. And a general positive attitude. Now on my second month and I’m completely amazed about how what I felt initially just continues to get better. Strength is even greater than when I was 18. My body feels full and strong and I’m really starting to shape up. My wife has commented on how my waistline is leaning up and how I’m getting a lot more definition and size in my shoulders. Of course not to forget I’m now waking up constantly hard. It feels like being 18 again but without the acne. Looking forward to seeing the results after 6 months. The old adage of happy wife happy life is certainly supported by taking reboot.
- Shaun
* Since living in Western Australia with my husband a few years ago I've been interested in male testosterone levels. Apparently, males in WA have the lowest levels of testosterone in Australia. While living in WA, my Dad was diagnosed with prostate cancer which furthered my curiosity especially considering prostate cancer usually results in impotence. There is a plethora of information and advice on female health and yet so little on men's health. I want my husband and my son to be the best they can be so I was excited at the discovery of BeSpunki. My husband is not the 'placebo' kind of guy, It either works or it doesn't! I noticed the difference in the first week, yes the first week! Does it make a difference in the bedroom... absolutely!!!! That's not the only reason to take it though, I've also noticed the overall improvement in his vitality, well being, and overall ability to cope with daily stressors. Optimum testosterone levels obviously smooth out bumps, except for the bump that counts ;)
- Julie
* Wahoo... My body and all its bits are coming alive again. I have more energy and stamina when teaching and working on bodies. Its a lot easier to smile these day and even my sweetheart is happier with me. Thank you Shaun for messaging me about this stuff. - Greg B.

* Since taking BE SPUNKI I’ve noticed an increase in cognitive function, memory, energy and drive. I would recommend you try this product and feel the results. - Mick (pictured below) from Ipswich.

* Whilst we have worked with Australia's leading experts in male health and ageing, and the claims we make are supported by the Australian TGA, please be aware that we are all individuals, so the results enjoyed by our customers (above) may vary from person to person. To read the scientific proof behind each specific ingredient in Be Spunki Reboot please visit
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